Friday November 12, 8pm

September 10, 2010

Dance, Improv, New music

Concert #3: November12, 8pm, $10. donation requested

The Quilisma Consort:

Lisa Gay: recorders
Carolyn Jean Smith: recorders
Mel Fitzhugh: recorders

The Other Georgia:

Jim Desmond, Pirveli (Tenor)
Joel Sindelar, Meore (Baritone)
David Gillman, Bani (Bass)

Joe Morris, Guitar /Tom Plsek, Trombone

‘Tips’, music by Steve Lacy; text by Georges Braque:
Noell Dorsey, Soprano
Matt Samolis, Flute
Peter Bloom, Bass Flute
Bodydrama Dance Co.: Joe Burgio, Rachel Rosner, Betty Wang, Walter Wright

Tips is a song cycle composed by Steve Lacy in 1979 which sets short text selections from the notebooks of painter Georges Braque to music for voice and soprano and alto saxophones. For the saxophones, we’ve substituted flute and bass flute ’cause, well, that’s what we play. I’m particularly pleased by the combination of timbres and the possibilities for extending these given the improvisational proclivities of the players. Not really jazz, not really classical, Lacy’s song cycles (there are several) are “art songs” of another sort—usually pithy repositories of modernist wisdom, nearly always highly concentrated and concise, “casebook cantatas” as he describes Tips in his liner notes. In this instance, Lacy has selected instructive aphorisms for the benefit of artists. (Hence the title.) We have added choreography and improvised movement for this performance as well, thanks to the efforts of Dancers Joe Burgio + company.


Trombone explorer Tom Plsek has been stretching trombones and our concepts of them for years.  His compositions include pieces for ensembles and solo trombone often incorporate improvisation, technology, and performance art.  Tom has performed with such artists as Jerry Hunt, Malcolm Goldstein, Phill Niblock, the Merce Cunningham Dance Company, Joe Morris, Marjorie Morgan, and with the Outsider Quartet.  He has performed at New Music American in 1983 and 1986.  He is a member of the Mobius Artists Group and Chair of the Brass Department at Berklee College of Music in Boston. The Gu series, a monthly performance series created with Marjorie Morgan and based on one of the hexagrams from the I Ching, was selected by the Boston Globe as one of the top ten dance events in Boston for the year 2002.  He performed a solo concert at the Forfest Festival in Kromeriz, Czech Republic in the summer of 2004.  In May 2005 his piece “Collateral Damage Noted for 100+ musicians was premiered on Boston city hall plaza to critical acclaim. More recently he performed as guest composer/performer with EnsoArts in Galway, Ireland in November 2005, the Hochschule fur Musik in Trossingen, Germany in May 2006 and the Acoustical Society of America in Providence, Rhode Island, in June, 2006.  He is a member of the Acoustical Society of America for which he has given many presentations mostly about the use of technology with brass instruments.  He is featured on several recording including “Firehouse Futurities,” 1999: Rastascan Records (BRD038) and Tautology (005); and “Jump or Die; 21 Braxton Compositions 1992,” Music and Arts (CD-843).  The CD “MVP LSD” with Joe Morris, guitar and John Voigt, bass was released 2009 and has received numerous positive reviews.

The Other Georgia- David Gillman, Joel Sindelar and Jim Desmond– are a virtuoso vocal trio specializing in folk music from the country of Georgia, in the Caucasus mountains of Eastern Europe. Ranging from the haunting to the frenetic, this ancient polyphony has been passed from father to son for at least a thousand years before being notated, recorded and otherwise available to singers outside of the country. Originating at the sacred wine toasting feasts of the villages and in the frescoed caves of the monasteries in one of Europe’s seven oldest civilizations, this rich musical tradition has instantly mesmerized lovers of close harmony worldwide.David, Joel and Jim are musicians who grew up in the United States and independently fell in love with this music and visited the country of Georgia to learn more about it. Meeting in Boston in 2006, they formed The Other Georgia and have performed at festivals all over New England since then. In the summer of 2009 they recorded their first, self-titled album, which is available as a physical CD through CDbaby, or digitally on both CDbaby and Itunes.



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